The Development agency of Serbia (RAS) has published a public call for grants for creating new jobs and capital expenditures according to the Regulation on conditions and method of attracting direct investments (”Official Gazette of Republic of Serbia”, No. 37/2018). Investors interested in applying for grants prepare business plan and related documentation and send them to RAS.

Government funds can be granted for:

  • Investment projects in manufacturing sectors: minimum level of capital expenditures ranges from 100.000 EUR to 500.000 EUR. The number of new jobs created ranges from 10 to 50. The minimum level depends on the development level of municipality in which investments are undertaken
  • Investment projects in service industries: minimum level of capital expenditures is 150.000 EUR and the minimum level of employees is 15

Funds may not be used for financing of investment projects in the sector of transportation, software development unless used to improve the product, production process or provision of international trade services, hospitality, game of chance, trade, production of synthetic fibres, coal and steel, mining, tobacco and tobacco products, weapons and ammunition, shipbuilding of maritime merchant vessels on self-propelling over 100 gross registered tons, airports, logistic centers, utilities sector and energy sector, broadband network, fisheries and aquaculture.

Public call is opened until all funds are granted.

We would like to notify that according to the Regulation on conditions and methods of attracting direct investments, potential investor which plans to create more than 100 new jobs or plans to invest in hotel accommodation sector can apply for grants without public call by sending Letter of intent to RAS.

For additional information please contact our consulting team.

Public call for grants for creating new jobs

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