Corona virus: Government tax and financial measures

Corona virus: Government tax and financial measures On 31.03.2020, the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Serbia verbally published a set of measures to assist the Serbian economy in mitigation of the negative effects of the Corona virus epidemic.

The draft of Corporate Income tax law

The new draft of Corporate Income tax law presents tax advantages for companies with intellectual property registered in Serbia, as well as for companies who perform research and development activities in Serbia or perform/invest in innovative business activities. Depreciation costs

Draft of Law on protection of personal data

On the September 24th, 2018, the Government of Republic of Serbia published the draft of Law on protection of personal data.  The goal of the draft is to harmonise national regulation with the regulation of the European Union, especially GDPR

Public call for grants for creating new jobs

The Development agency of Serbia (RAS) has published a public call for grants for creating new jobs and capital expenditures according to the Regulation on conditions and method of attracting direct investments (”Official Gazette of Republic of Serbia”, No. 37/2018). Investors interested

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Central register of invoices – from 01/03/2018

According to the Article 2, Point 9 of the Law on due dates for monetary obligations in commercial transactions (in following text: Law), the Central register of invoices is the system (database) which is founded and managed by Ministry of

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New amounts of bases for contributions

On the 06/01/2018, new amounts of highest and lowest bases for calculating contributions for mandatory social insurance were published: The lowest monthly base: 23.053 RSD The highest monthly base: 329.330 RSD The highest annual base for 2017: 3.951.855 RSD Bases

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Implementation of new Rulebook on VAT postponed for 01/07/2018

The Ministry of Finance issued the statement in which it is stated that the beginning of implementation of Rulebook on keeping VAT records and calculating VAT records (”Official Gazette of RS”, No. 90/2017) is postponed for 01/07/2018. The statement can

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Residency certificates of companies ”Google” and ”Facebook”

The process of issuing residency certificates in PDF format started in Republic of Ireland in 2017. This type of issuing residency certificates is especially significant for digital companies with European headquarters in mentioned country. Domestic authoritites were informed by authorised

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New Rulebook on VAT

New Rulebook on keeping VAT records and calculating VAT, which will be implemented from 01/01/2018, is published.  The key parts of the new Rulebook are: general VAT records, special VAT records and the form and content of calculating VAT. (”Official

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Rulebook on IPARD grants

Ministry of agriculture of Republic Serbia declared the Rulebook on IPARD grants for investments in material assets of farms. European union’s IPARD II programme is the Instrument for pre-accession assistance in rural development for period 2014-2020.

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The new edition of OECD Guidelines on transfer pricing is published

The new edition of ”OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and Tax Administrations” was published in July 2017. ”OECD Guidelines” is the international document on the basis of which national tax authorities (including Serbian) adjust their transfer pricing regulation.

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Signing of Multilateral Convention

On the ceremony in Paris, on the 07/06/2017, ”Multilateral Convention to implement Tax Treaty Related Measures to Prevent Base Erosion and Profit Shifting” was signed by 76 countries and jurisdictions, among which was the Republic of Serbia. The signing of

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Public call for granting subsidies for direct investments

The Ministry of Economy has published a public call for granting subsidies for direct investments, according to the Decree on terms and conditions of attracting direct investments.  According to the Serbian Development Agency’s (RAS) financial plan, the budget for grants