Do you face the problem of optimizing both your own and your employee's salaries?

In order to achieve maximum tax savings and optimize salaries in the most adequate way, both for the company and for employees, the WTS team provides payroll simulation and analysis services. Simulations and analyzes can be done on a collective and individual level for any period of time.

WTS provides simulation and payroll analysis services keeping in mind:

  • tax incentives and reliefs that can be applied
  • the legal form of the company, its development plans, organizational structure, profile of relevant staff
  • policy of payment of bonuses, jubilee awards and other incentives
  • the propensity of management / owners to provide other benefits to employees
  • the maximum base on which contributions are paid
  • annual personal income tax
  • income statement of the company or entrepreneur, etc.

The goal of the analysis is to find the best model for each specific case in order to minimize costs and risks for the company, and maximize salaries and other positive effects received by employees and entrepreneurs.

In addition, our team of companies helps in:

  • Assess the competencies of employees in the financial and accounting sector
  • Development of plans for redistribution of work tasks and optimization of business processes within the financial and accounting sector

If you have any questions feel free to contact one of the WTS experts.