Innovative and pragmatic solutions focused on IT companies have arisen from our endeavor to create added value for our customers. Initially, by analyzing the needs of IT companies, we concluded that several things are crucial in their growth and development. These are: using tax exeption, increasing efficiency and productivity, managing company values, financing, legal security.

Tax incentives

  • Do you use incentives for research and development expenditure (R & D) in the form of double recognition in the tax balance?
  • Do you use tax exemption to up to 80% of the qualified revenues generated by the use of registered intellectual property (licensing)?
  • Do you plan to invest in the capital of START-up and on this basis make use of a tax credit for such investments?

Valuation of IT companies

  • Do you know the value of your company and why is it important?
  • Analyze the current financial position of the company and current profitability

Value-based management

  • Have you developed a long-term corporate business strategy and plan for its implementation?
  • What indicators affect the value of the company and how to monitor them?
  • Which performance determines the value of the company, how to manage them?

Sales and acquisition of IT companies

  • How to sell a company, to whom and at what price?
  • What are the tax effects?
  • Participate in negotiations with potential customers

Financial controlling and CFO services

  • Have you developed an annual company revenues and expenses budget and a long-term financial plan?
  • How do you control the efficiency and productivity of employees?
  • What KPIs are important to you, how do you plan and control them?

Organization and business processes

  • Do you have the impression that your organization could function better with the help of an efficient organizational design?
  • Do you have organizational units and organizational structure?
  • Have you implemented internal procedures and controls that contribute to better efficiency?
  • What are your organizational processes and what are your plans for their optimization?

Accounting and Taxes

  • Timely responsible provision of accounting services
  • Assessment of the effects of tax on all types of transactions (transactions with intellectual property, transfer of shares, etc.)
  • Tax “Health Check” – an analysis of the risk and optimization options
  • Transfer pricing and analysis of inter-company contracts and transactions

New projects and funding

  • Establishment of companies with all accompanying documents
  • Do you have a new project and need a business plan?
  • Are you in need of expert support in negotiations with banks and funds?

GDPR and intellectual property

  • Are you compliant with regulations in the field of personal data protection?
  • You want to register the right to use intellectual property
  • How to transfer or sell intellectual property rights?