WTS tax and financial training

Taxes and Accounting

The Tax Academy is an educational program of the WTS in Serbia. The program is intended for chief accountants, controllers, financial directors and everyone else who wants to expand their knowledge in the field: value added tax, profit tax, transfer prices, BEPS, personal income tax and other types of taxes. The lecturers at the Tax Academy are members of the WTS Serbia consulting team, which analyzed over EUR 1 billion in transactions from the tax aspect, and renowned tax experts from the Ministry of Finance.

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Finance for non-financial staff

Training in the field of finance is intended for managers and employees from non-financial functions in order to acquire skills in the field of finance that will help them in their daily work with financial managers, customers, suppliers, banks. Knowledge of basic financial categories, balance sheets, controlling, investments in today’s conditions is practically implied for managers in all business functions. WTS conducts trainings intended for the following groups:

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