We assist companies with all tax in Serbia related matters through our comprehensive portfolio of advisory services. What really sets us apart from the competition is our integrative and advanced approach. Thanks to our broad knowledge across a variety of tax disciplines, we are always able to provide a different point of view on your tax issues, and develop solutions that are tailored to your individual situation. We can optimize your tax planning and help you to achieve a lasting reduction in your effective tax rate.

Additionally, apart of tax in Serbia, we are pleased to offer you the services of our international network, which allows us to ensure first-class tax advisory services in more than 100 jurisdictions.

Income tax advisory

  • Consulting in corporate income tax in Serbia based on local legislation
  • Tax holiday administration and other tax incentives advisory
  • Tax optimization in term of expenditures in research and development activities and revenues form intellectual property
  • Tax incentives for investment in start-ups and in employment of new staff
  • Determination of the most efficient tax structure in the transactions within group of companies
  • Preparation/review of annual tax balance
  • BEPS impact analysis
  • Preparation/review of CIT return and all relevant appendices (OK, SU, TP and others)
  • Withholding tax advisory (Royalties, Services, Interest, Rents, Dividends)
  • Permanent establishment : determination of status, risk and full compliance
  • Consulting in personal income tax and other relevant contributions
  • Administration of expat employees and managers

VAT and other indirect taxes

Where financial demands continuously drive the need to increase public revenue in particular via Value Added Taxes (VAT), businesses are required to meet compliance obligations, drive indirect performance and realize opportunities and to manage the challenges resulting from more globalized business models and fast moving legislation around the globe.

As we see it, the best possible advice on Value Added Tax has been given if the resulting structure fits smoothly into the overall setting of a company – both nationally and internationally. Consulting services in the field of Value Added Tax have to add value and assurance to the business and along the supply chain. This is our objective and our strategy.

We are capable of providing following services:

  • Preparation of expert opinions regarding Value Added Tax for all types of transactions
  • Providing an advice in preparation of VAT return and preparation of amended return
  • Review of monthly VAT returns and other documentation relevant for VAT return filing
  • Preparation of internal procedures and setting up internal controls system in term of VAT check
  • VAT refund administration
  • VAT registration for nonresident taxpayers
  • Supply chain optimization from the perspective of indirect taxes
  • Support in communication with tax authorities during tax audits

Tax reviews and due diligence (monthly/quarterly/annually)

Identifying tax risk is the starting point not just in transactions of acquiring company, but also in everyday business activities and it is the basic element of corporate risk analysis.

Tax due diligence is the process of identifying tax risks of a company and identifying incompliances with relevant tax laws.  Due diligence’s scope are usually all types of tax liabilities, especially Value Added Tax and Personal Income Tax. This type of analysis helps tax payer to take corrective actions and make relevant decisions on time.

Monthly support in ongoing tax issues

Our team stands on your disposal in your day-to-day tax activities and transactions.

The scope of our engagement is defined during negotiations with a client, but it usually relates to engagement of our team for several hours on the monthly level. On each client’s query regarding tax issues, our team provides expert opinion, judgment or recommendation from all aspects of tax law, having in mind relevant laws and tax and court practice.

Tax optimization

When we discuss tax optimization of tax in Serbia, two dimensions must be taken into consideration: current tax expenses and tax risks. Our team of experts is focused on providing tax optimization program for its clients, which will minimise both dimensions, both current tax expenses and tax risks. In that way, you can be assured that your financial affairs are managed efficiently and in compliance with the laws of Republic of Serbia.

Questionnaire for tax review and optimization services

Dealing with tax authorities:

Are you under tax audit or you would like to get tax refund in accordance to law?

Our team is ready for communication with tax authorities according to Law on tax procedure and tax administration, which includes: writing complaints on tax authorities’ documentation, consulting during tax audit, monitoring of tax audit. Also, we are ready to help you get tax refund, whether it is Value Added Tax, Corporate Income Tax in Serbia or other types of taxes.

Tax outsourcing  and compliance

If you do not have enough internal staff to organize tax function, you may outsource fully tax activities at our company. With power of attorney approved from your side, our tax experts may calculate all tax effects related to your transactions, prepare and submit all tax returns that are mandatory for your company.