In accordance with the Multilateral Convention, which has been in force in Serbia since October 2018, amendments to the Double Taxation Treaty have already been made with the relevant number of countries, and may have a significant impact on taxation. Therefore, taxpayers, due not only to these, but also to other frequent changes in tax regulations, are often unaware of the new tax risks and opportunities that come with international taxation.

Through detailed tax planning in international transactions, WTS helps taxpayers optimize tax effects through the implementation of the Double Taxation Treaty and social conventions that Serbia has signed with other countries. Within this type of service, our expert team is able to offer you different types of services:

  • Tax advice from the aspect of avoiding double taxation in order to reduce total costs
  • Tax advice in the field of withholding tax (royalties, services, interest, lease, dividends)
  • Design of ownership structure and flow of business transactions
  • Determining the status of a permanent establishment and assisting in the preparation of a tax return for a permanent establishment
  • Optimization of contributions to mandatory social insurance in case of sending employees abroad or when it comes to the work of foreign citizens in Serbia
  • Determining tax residency status
  • Preparation of withholding tax returns for residents and non-residents

In cooperation with our WTS consulting firms, in more than 100 countries, we can perform analyses regarding the use of tax relief, tax risk reduction and optimization of the total tax for all types of international transactions between companies in all countries where WTS operates.

See a separate article regarding withholding taxes, where you can download all tax rates from all double taxation treaties.

If you have any questions, contact one of the WTS tax experts.