Rapidly changing accounting environment in Serbia represents big challenge for accountants today. That is especially a consequence of compliance with EU regulations, implementation of IFRS for small and medium entities. Besides, reporting process and preparation of various monthly reports for management and statutory purpose is more intensive.

Bookkeeping services


  • You require professional bookkeeping and supporting finance services
  • You need internal acts in line with new Law on accounting and IFRS
  • You wish to implement group internal controls and procedures
  • You need accounting of salaries with most optimized personal taxes and contributions
  • You want to have all reports prepared accurately and timely in line with group and statutory expectations


  • Timely and accurate bookkeeping, treasury and full accounting services, IFRS, US GAAP advisory
  • Preparation of all documents and acts in line with regulations
  • Implementation of internal procedures and controls
  • Accurate and minimal company costs of employees
  • Preparation of Balance Sheets, P&L Accounts, Cash flows and all other reports on monthly/quarterly/yearly level for management and statutory needs

Questionnaire for accounting services

Monthly accounting review


  • You need independent review on your financial reports and accounting books are in line of Law on accounting and IFRS
  • You want to be sure that your accounting and internal documentation is in line with local regulations
  • You need monthly supervision of your accounting with obtaining recommendation from expert team about the risks and possibilities


  • Our accounting experts are able to provide continuous (monthly) support in your finance and accounting management, by supervising your monthly figures, P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash flow reports etc
  • We offer our monthly report with detailed and quality findings about non-compliance with law and recommendation how to improve current situation

Monthly support in IFRS and accounting issues

Our team of experts is ready to provide you support in day-to-day accounting issues, especially about bookkeeping certain accounting positions (different types of assets, equity and liabilities, revenue and expenses) in compliance with IFRS and local GAAP, preparing obligatory financial statements and reports for management.

The scope of our engagement is defined during negotiations with a client, but it usually relates to engagement of our team for several hours on the monthly level. On each client’s query regarding accounting issues, our team provides expert on, judgment or recommendation, having in mind relevant standards, accounting principles and regulation.

Preparation of annually (periodically) financial statements

You need to prepare annual financial statements?

Among other services, we provide services of preparing annual financial statements and services of support in preparation of full scope of financial statements in compliance with related regulation.

Also, our team stays on disposal for support and preparation of periodic reports for local management or group management (reporting), such as income statement, balance sheet, cash flow report, KPI reports etc.

Implementation of accounting system and statutory internal acts

Our team is able to offer you following solutions:

  • Providing support to the clients in implementation of ERP and accounting programs, testing if ERP is harmonised with relevant laws
  • Preparation of accounting policies in compliance with law and IFRS
  • Preparation of Rulebook on accounting in compliance with the Law on accounting, as well as other internal documents
  • Preparation of Rulebook on inventory and other documentation on inventory according to the laws
  • Implementing chart of account and adaption of cost centers

Payroll services

Within this service we provide following solutions to clients:

  • Payroll calculation according to the applicable laws
  • Submission tax returns for all employees
  • Registration and deregistration of employees at authorities
  • Optimization of taxes and social contributions
  • Calculation of annual personal income tax
  • Labour relations: preparation of labour contracts with employees, internal labour rulebook and other mandatory acts

Dealing with auditors

Are your company’s financial statements under financial audit?

Our team of expert may provide you support in relations with auditors by helping them understand the accounting nature of your business: how certain positions of assets, equity, liabilities, revenue and expenses are presented in your financial statements. This service can help you get positive auditor’s opinion on your financial statements.

On the other hand, we are able to help you understand auditor’s recommendations and implement them in your accounting system.