Establishment of new business or company registration

You want to run new business or project?

Our team may provide you valuable service starting with your idea analysis considering legal, market and profitability aspects  throughout preparation of detailed business model and plan. If final results meet your requirements we may support you in company registration at relevant authorities and prepare all legally required documents according to the Serbian laws, set up accounting and tax requirements. Within this service line our team is able to provide:

  • New company establishment including all legal and accounting support in business operation
  • Preparation of business models and plans
  • Feasibility studies
  • Market and environment analysis
  • Support in securing a Government grants
  • Preparation of Investment projects

Business processes improvement

You want to improve current system in your business operations?

Our goal is to provide optimisation of all processes and procedures to our clients, which will result in measurable effects (savings of cost and time). Therefore, on the basis of analysing our clients’ needs and experiences,  we have developed following types of services:

  • Optimization of business processes : finance, purchase, human resources, sales, invoicing and others
  • Implementation of internal procedures for all processes and setup of internal controls mechanism
  • Support in new ERP implementation
  • Organizational structure analysis and improvement in organizational design
  • Procedures for approval of business transactions from different levels of authorization and position in company
  • Business plans and models
  • Operational restructuring

Improvement of current business model and results

Within this service we provide following solutions to clients:

  • Key performance indicators management, try our timesheet software for small business
  • Preparation of company budget, forecasting of revenues and expenses
  • Establishment of credit policy and determination credit limits for customers
  • AR and AP Management and cash flows optimization
  • Outsourcing of CFO or business controller
  • Negotiation with banks, auditors and other financial institutions

Risk management services

Uncertainty is at the heart of risk. The risk has two faces: at the same time, it is the symbol of danger and the symbol of opportunity. In business, companies try to maximise their opportunities and minimise threats. In order to understand threats, companies need to understand the consequences if ill events occur. Likelihood – the probability that the event will occur, and consequence – the result of the event, are the two components that characterize the magnitude of the risk.

Our team of experts can help you perform steps in order to identify the risk, analyse the risk and to prepare action plan in order to minimise negative consequences of certain risks.

After you have identified relevant risks, you need to analyse them, determine the likelihood and consequence of each risk. We can help you perform various risk analyses, such as:

  • Analysing the risk of sales potential volatility
  • Analysing the risk of purchase prices volatility and the volatility of other purchase terms
  • Analysing foreign exchange risk
  • Analysing securities value risk
  • Analysing interest rate risk
  • Analysing illiquidity risk
  • Analysing credit risk
  • Analysing capital risk

The important part of analysing risks is to evaluate them and determine their magnitude, which is the combination of likelihood and consequence. After that, you decide whether the risk is acceptable or whether it is serious enough to take action.

Legal consulting

In cooperation with our partner law firm, we provide following services that bring measurable value:

    Corporate law:

  • Company registration in Serbia and preparation of foundation acts
  • Preparation of commercial and financial agreements of all types in accordance with local regulation
  • Support in preparation of intercompany agreements on distribution and services (procurement, sale, management fee, royalty fee)
  • Preparation of all types of internal acts in accordance with local regulation
  • Representing client at tax authorities and APR
  • Harmonizing company's activities with local regulation
  • Preparation of complaints and representation in tax-legal procedures
  • Labour law:

  • Preparation of all documentation regarding labour law (labour agreements, proposal for appendices, appendices, termination notices, Rulebook on labour, Rulebook on organisation and systematization)
  • Consulting in labour regulation
  • Preparation of management contracts
  • Data protection:

  • Regulation changes, presented by EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), relate to changes of traditional legal institutes, as well as introduction of new legal institutes. Government of Republic of Serbia has proposed new Law on data protection, which contains a lot of measures presented by GDPR. Our team stays on your disposal for harmonizing your business with new regulation on data protection.
  • Public private partnerships (PPP):

  • Services regarding PPP projects, including projects in renewable sources of energy, waste management, infrastructure, protection of environment and natural resources
  • Legal support in initial phases, including understanding regulation and potential obligation as well as support in communication between private and public sector in final phases, including acquiring relevant licences and approvals, construction and facility management
  • M&A:

  • Consulting on various issues in acquiring shares and assets
  • Consulting on Joint ventures and acquisitions
  • Legal Due Dilligence in M&A transactions
  • Preparation of transaction documentation