Comprehensive approach in minimizing tax risks

Taxpayers are increasingly faced with unclear legal provisions, uneven tax practices and an increasing number of specific transactions.

Specific transactions bear with them numerous tax risks, especially in today's conditions characterized by the transformation of business models, the emergence of specific requirements of owners and management, new technologies, complex international transactions, transactions with intangible assets and the health crisis.

In the absence of tax practice on various tax issues, as well as due to unclear legal provisions in relation to specific situations in practice, the interpretation of tax laws by the tax authorities often differs from the interpretation of the taxpayer.

WTS assists taxpayers in analyzing the tax treatment of transactions by applying a methodology based on implemented quality standards:

  • tax opinion and analysis is done on the basis of professional and court practice
  • cooperation with experts from the Ministry of Finance
  • follow up with the attitudes of the Tax Administration for all specific issues
  • consideration of all accompanying (accounting, business and other tax) implications
  • references to all relevant articles of regulation
  • unique and clear presentation of work results

Our analyses are comprehensive for all types of taxes and contribute to greater security and minimizing risk of taxpayer.