Salary represent one of the most important and significant expenses of every Company.

Also, employee salaries are a very sensitive issue in the case of inspections and any slightest deficiency can carry with it a significant risk to the company and a potential penalty.

In order to minimize the risks of its clients, WTS team provides a wide range of services related to the calculation of salaries, preparation of documentation related to salaries and filing tax returns:

  • Entering employee data into a specialized program (Employee set-up)
  • Registration and deregistration of employees with the competent institution (CROSO)
  • Payroll services on the basis of provided information on salaries according to the employment contract on a monthly basis, as well as calculation of compensation for temporary services
  • Preparation, ie. filing tax returns for all employees (monthly) including temporary service contracts
  • Preparation of information for calculating the annual income tax of employees who are taxpayers
  • Tax filing and tax return for people with disabilities
  • Delivery of payrolls for each employee after payment of salary to an authorized person at the Client (usually we send all lists / payment slips to one authorized person at the Client, and then that person forwards individual lists to employees)
  • Maternity and maternity leave, as well as leave on other grounds
  • Preparation of salary documents based on employee requests (eg for a bank loan)
  • Preparation, amendment and updating of employment contracts and internal acts on labor relations

The WTS team also deals with the preparation of employment contracts with employees, internal regulations and other mandatory acts in accordance with the Laws, which is described in more detail in the section related to labor relations.