Rapidly changing accounting environment in Serbia represents big challenge for accountants today. That is especially a consequence of compliance with EU regulations, implementation of IFRS for small and medium entities and new accounting regulations. Besides, reporting process and preparation of various monthly reports for management and statutory purpose is more intensive.

Your needs

  • You require professional, timely and responsible accounting
  • You need internal acts in accordance with the new Accounting Law and IFRS
  • You need compliance with international financial reporting standards
  • You want to harmonize the Group's procedures with local procedures
  • You need a payroll with optimal taxes and contributions
  • You need to have accurate and timely reports in accordance with company rules and local regulations
  • You need financial support services

Our response

  • Accounting services, financial operations and other support services
  • Compliance with IFRS and the Accounting Law
  • Preparation of internal acts and documentation in accordance with applicable regulations
  • Implementation of internal procedures and controls
  • Accurately calculated labor cost
  • Preparation of balance sheets and income statements, cash flows and other reports on a monthly / quarterly / annual level for the needs of management and statutory needs

Our services are based on global WTS quality standards which include the implementation and enforcement of internal controls and procedures related to the services provided, including the "4 eyes" principle.