Finance advisory in selling of business

You consider selling a business?

Our team of experts in finance advisory department is ready to provide support in all aspects of selling a business:

  • Analysing company’s current financial position and profitability
  • Business valuation
  • Recommending improvements which will raise the value of a business
  • Helping in a search for the potential buyer
  • Participation in negotiations with potential buyers
  • Advising on whether the price and terms of a transaction is in owner’s and business’ best interest etc

Buying business advisory

You want to acquire existing company or business?

In the significant financial transactions such as M&A it is necessary to obtain correct financial diagnosis about related entity.

Engagement of reliable consultant enables insight in all key details in the process of making final decision about subject of transaction. Our experts may support with performing relevant financial due diligence, operational or commercial due diligence.

Additionally, we offer service of value estimation of acquisition subject and valuation of brands.

Partnerships and joint venture advisory

Looking for a partner to expand your business activities?

In a globalised and highly competitive economy, entering strategic alliances, joint ventures and other forms of partnerships can lead to creating competitive advantage.

Our team of experts is ready to provide support in all relevant areas:

  • Identifying strategic need for entering a partnership with foreign or domestic company
  • Identifying main objectives for entering a partnership
  • Identifying key performance indicators in order to evaluate entered partnerships
  • Selecting reliable and compatible business partner
  • Identifying possible risks and possible opportunities of entering a partnership
  • Providing support in implementation of an entered partnership
  • Analysing the effects of an entered partnership

Funding business advisory

You need new capital for funding business?

Our team of experts is able to help you identify your desired capital structure (equity, debt and other hybrid types of financing), having in mind strategic goals of your company and risks of your activities.

After desired capital structure is identified, our team will help you in negotiations with commercial banks and other financial institutions, in order to secure loans and credits with reasonable interest rates and repayment terms.

Also, our support can be provided in securing different types of Government grants. We are constantly looking for new opportunities for applying for grants and other types of financing by the Government and we present them to our existing and potential clients, domestic or foreign, large or small. Our company has prepared business plans and other documentation for many domestic and international clients. With our help, our clients have got more than  7 million EUR of different types of grants approved.

Financial restructuring

Do you feel the need for financial restructuring of your business?

In case there is a significant risk that your company will not meet its obligations to the creditors and other stakeholders, financial restructuring is necessary in order to avoid illiquidity, insolvency and in extreme situations, bankruptcy. Financial problems of this type must be proactively identified and neutralised. Our team of experts is able to help you:

  • Identify risks of financial difficulties
  • Make precise projections of short-term cash requirements
  • Negotiate better terms with creditors and other relevant stakeholders
  • Prepare debt restructuring plans
  • Prepare business activities restructuring plans, which will ensure financial obligations are met etc