Do you need to check the "tax health" of a particular business entity or your company? Tax control by the WTS team helps taxpayers to be ready for tax control by the tax administration, and to fully comply with their tax regulations.

Tax review helps identify tax risk. This is the starting point not only for takeover transactions of companies, but also for current operations and is a basic part of the analysis of overall corporate risk.

Tax review or tax due diligence is the diagnosis of tax risks in the legal entity that is the subject of this analysis, as well as the identification of non-compliance with the relevant tax laws. The subject of due diligence is usually all types of tax liabilities, with special reference to corporate income tax, value added tax and personal income tax.

This verification of the legality of business operations is used by the management or the owner of the taxpayer or the investor who seeks to make an investment or take over a share owned by the taxpayer.

Tax due diligence enables the taxpayer to take corrective actions and make relevant decisions in a timely manner, as well as to establish a relevant tax strategy in accordance with tax laws.

WTS has developed a methodology for assessing tax risks and conducting due diligence analysis that effectively diagnoses significant risks and irregularities in business, from the tax aspect.