In the age of globalization, the importance of international transfer and deployment of employees to other countries is growing. Companies face increasingly difficult obstacles when it comes to managing companies outside their home countries in relation to taxation, social security, legal issues and immigration issues.

Legal regulations in these areas are not only subject to constant change, but also become more complex to manage when applied simultaneously in different jurisdictions. Correcting wrong decisions can be both difficult and expensive.

Our services include planning, structuring and conducting all international recruitment. We help our clients identify risks at an early stage and optimize the payment of taxes and contributions by minimizing administrative costs.

We offer comprehensive support (both to the company and to employees and individuals working abroad) including:

  • Consulting services for companies / employers including international payroll
  • Tax services for employees (eg Expatriates)
  • Social security services
  • Services in the field of Labor Law
  • Migration services

WTS has the ability to provide a complete portfolio of tax and legal services from its own capacity.

Our tax professionals have many years of experience in international consulting and / or law firms in matters related to employee migration. With its representative office in over 100 countries, our team offers local expertise globally.