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On the 29/12/2017, the Government of Republic of Serbia sent to the National assembly of Republic of Serbia the proposal of the  Law on ratifying Multilateral convention to implement tax treaty related measures to prevent base erosion and profit shifting. 

Adopting the proposed law, the National assembly of Republic of Serbia will ratify international agreement signed in June of 2017 by Republic of Serbia and 75 other countries and jurisdictions in Paris, which will be the basis for changes of double tax treaties. Changes in a double tax treaty will be implemented from the moment of ratifying Multilateral convention by both countries.

Multilateral convention is an international legal instrument whose goal is to implement BEPS regulation –  regulation published by OECD, which is the most comprehensive and the most synchronized effort of governments of the world’s leading countries to stop tax planning which thrives on discrepancies between national tax jurisdictions, erodes tax base and artificially shifts profit to countries with lower tax rates.

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Proposal of Law on ratification of Multilateral Convention for preventing BEPS

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