Well-arranged labor relations should be a priority of every company, because a company builds on arranged labor relations much faster.

Also, labor relations are a very sensitive topic in the case of controls by inspections and any slightest deficiency can bear with it a significant risk to the company and a potential penalty.

WTS team in order to minimize the risks of its clients prepares controls and harmonizes with the law documentation related to labor relations:

  • Rulebook on organization and systematization of jobs
  • Rules of Procedure
  • Employment contracts and annexes to employment contracts
  • Offer for concluding an employment relationship (annex to the employment contract)
  • Termination agreements or decisions
  • Documentation for sending employees abroad
  • Notice on the conduct of employers and employees in relation to the prevention and protection against harassment at work
  • Other employment documentation
  • Advisory services in the field of regulations governing employment
  • Managerial agreements
  • Agreement on the rights and obligations of the director
  • Evidence of taxes paid if the director is a foreigner
  • Regulation of employee benefits (acquisition of shares, official car, loans, private bonsui insurance, etc.)
  • Rulebook on the method of calculating the transport of employees to work