When it comes to mergers and acquisitions (M&A), impactful advisory services to acquirer are crucial to ensure that the acquisition is a smart investment. Here are some of the services that we may offer for „buy side” M&A deals:

Financial Due Diligence: As a “buy side” financial service provider, our team can conduct financial due diligence on the target company to identify any potential risks, or opportunities. This service is essential to help buyers make informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes. For acquired of most importance is to understand:

  • Targets’ financials and their reliability
  • Assets and liabilities structure
  • CAPEX and OPEX structure
  • Profitability, liquidity, activity and other performance metrics
  • Net working capital

Valuation Analysis: We can conduct a valuation analysis to determine the target company's worth. This analysis will provide buyers with a clear understanding of the target company's financial standing, allowing them to make an informed decision on whether to pursue the acquisition. We support acquirers in understanding of:

  • EBITDA and EBITDA adjustments,
  • Cash creation and cash flows forecasts
  • Need of net working capital and potential adjustment
  • Net financial position
  • Applied method of valuation
  • Industry multiplies
  • Other factor that can impact the valuation

Deal Structuring: Our team can assist buyers in structuring the deal to ensure that it is financially viable and beneficial. This service includes evaluating different payment methods, such as cash or stock, and identifying any tax implications associated with the transaction.

Negotiation Support: Our team can provide support during the negotiation process, helping buyers secure a fair deal. This service includes analyzing the deal terms, identifying potential risks, and offering recommendations to help buyers achieve their desired outcome.

Integration Planning: We assist buyers in creating an integration plan that will ensure a smooth transition after the acquisition. This service includes identifying potential challenges and offering solutions to help buyers integrate the target company into their existing operations, as well as post acquisition accounting support like purchase price allocation.

The benefits of utilizing M&A advisory service

  1. Valuable insights and expertise to help buyers make informed decisions.
  2. By conducting thorough due diligence and valuation analysis, our team can identify potential risks and opportunities, allowing buyers to negotiate a fair deal.
  3. Valuable support during the negotiation process, ensuring that buyers achieve their desired outcome.

As a M&A service provider, we make sure that the acquisition is a smart investment.

By offering services such as financial due diligence, valuation analysis, deal structuring, negotiation support, and integration planning, we can provide buyers with valuable insights and support throughout the entire M&A process.

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