Want to sell your share in a capital or company and not sure how much it is worth?

Whether you are facing this or any other issue regarding the value of capital, our team of experts with many years of experience can help you.

Adequate valuation of capital is not a simple process and should not be taken for granted, especially considering the negative effects that inadequately performed valuation can have on your business.

In practice, three basic approaches to assessing the value of a company or capital are most often used:

  • accounting approach
  • market approach and
  • yield approach

Our task is to:

  • determine which approach is most appropriate to use in a particular situation
  • perform all necessary procedures before starting the assessment of capital value
  • we estimate the value of capital
  • we present the obtained value to you through a written report and orally
  • we additionally appreciate your recommendations and suggestions
  • we represent you when introducing a valuation to a third party