Do you need help in making a decision on the sale or acquisition of a company and in the realization of the transaction itself?

The sale of a company, which often occurs in today's business environment, is one of the most important events for its owner.

Making a decision to sell a company is an initial step in the whole process. WTS expert team can help you see all the advantages and disadvantages of such a transaction that can be crucial, as well as give additional advice and alternative solutions.

After making the final decision on the sale of the company, it is necessary to perform certain business optimizations in order to achieve higher sales value of the company itself. One of the key questions is how much is the company worth?

The following types of optimization are most commonly distinguished:

  • Strategic (preliminary assessment of value, adoption and implementation of strategy, optimization of production, customers, procurement, etc.)
  • Organizational (IT solutions, organizational processes, organizational structure, etc.)
  • Accounting - tax (accounting processes, tax risks, hiring auditors, etc.)
  • Legal (detailed regulation of legal relations both within the company and with all partners)

Our team performs various activities, both advisory and operational, within all types of optimizations that are tailored to the business of each company separately.

After the optimization of the business, the operational implementation of the sales / purchase process follows, in which you can also get the full support of WTS team.

Operational implementation of the sales / purchase process includes the following activities:

  • engaging in finding an investor / seller
  • valuation of the company
  • preparation of transaction documents
  • negotiations with the investor / seller
  • negotiating terms of sale / acquisition
  • financial, legal and tax due diligence
  • concluding a sales contract
  • performing the transfer of ownership in the appropriate registers