Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and initial public offerings are complex processes with many potential tax traps that can turn success into failure.

Our M&A experts have extensive experience in assisting companies with all types of M&A transactions and taxes. Our global M&A team from more than 100 countries has enough “critical mass”, which allows us to have experts with broad expertise in any field that is crucial for success in M&A.

Our range of services starts with optimizing the structure of the transaction, but also includes resolving all matters with the financial authorities and tax, legal and financial advice for the post-closing period.

At WTS, we are aware that M&A and similar measures require quality work under great time pressure. Our professionals have gained experience in international consulting firms and large corporations and are ready to join your team for transactions in a short time – for timely, accurate and reliable results.

WTS services include, but are not limited to:

  • Advising on various issues related to the purchase of shares, stakes or assets
  • Advice on joint ventures and takeovers
  • Structuring the initial public offering
  • Due Diligence in M&A transactions
  • Review or draft a contract on the transfer of ownership of shares or stocks
  • Amendments to the memorandum of association
  • Preparation of complete transaction documentation

One of our strengths is our multidisciplinary approach. As a result, we can include tax professionals in real estate funds, optional action plans, financing, financial advisors and similar. We can also support transactions involving family businesses with our specific expertise in asset planning, and we can apply our international expertise in advising on cross-border transactions and reorganizations.