Are you in compliance with the Law on Personal Data Protection?

The Law on Personal Data Protection has been actively applied since August 2019. Obligators of this Law are all entities, except individuals, who process personal information of employees and clients in their business. For non-compliance with the provisions of the law on personal data protection, the law prescribes a fine of up to two million RSD.

WTS team prepares the entire set of necessary documentation in order to fully comply with the law.

The set of documentation contains, among other things:

  • Rulebook defining goals, measures, rights, obligations, procedures and more
  • Consent of employees for the processing of personal information
  • Customer consent for the processing of personal information
  • Accompanying email / notification to job candidates
  • Terms & Conditions (for site)
  • Report of the person to the Commissioner (currently the company is in violation because it determined the person and did not publish his contact and the person was not reported to the Commissioner))
  • Risk assessment with weights, etc.

Items that do not belong to our part of the business because they are technical in nature are:

The technical part consists of editing the site, inserting a notification that site visitors agree to the collection and processing of data (IP address, location), with the option to click and agree to it and similar. WTS cooperates with companies that are able to implement technical measures to comply with the Law on Personal Data Protection.